Letter of Agreement – 30 Cents Made Permanent

Good Evening,

Due to higher than anticipated enrollment, primarily due to increased Kindergarten enrollment, PSE and the District came to a mutual agreement to make the 30 cents temporary raise for the 2018-19 school year permanent. The increased Kindergarten numbers is a stark reversal of the recent trend in declining class sizes. While this spike of revenue does not resolve the McCleary funding issues that the legislator introduced it does take some of the immediate financial pressure off of the District.

This does not limit our ability to negotiate with the District for this coming year but removes the potential of a decrease in wages by removing the sunset clause from last years negotiations. PSE is hopeful that this larger incoming class size is a new trend as funding is much more closely tied to student count than prior to the Levy Cap that McCleary introduced. PSE is actively lobbying the legislature for fixes to the McCleary changes so that we can achieve similar wages to other Districts that came out better due to the new funding model. We greatly appreciate Superintendent Smith’s decision to approach us on this matter and the support of the School Board.

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