We recently relaunched our new building representative initiative. Our goal is for each building  to have two building reps. Building reps are that first response and primary contact for each building. They can help disseminate information and help tackle problems on a building rep before they become larger issues.
Berney - Carol Gallinat & Lori Montgomery
Blue Ridge -  Rhoda Ehrman
Edison - Yolanda White
Garrison - Tom Vicari
Green Park - Vacant 
Lincoln - Gladys Coley
Pioneer - Kim French
Prospect Point - Vacant
Sharpstein - John Kiefel
Wa-Hi - Deborah Prior & Catherine Fine
Support Services - Dave Locken & David Webber
Transportation - John Edson

If you are interested in serving as a building rep in your building please reach out to BJ Colvin or Kim French and we would be happy to give you more information and training on how to be a successful building rep!