2018 Ratification

Below you can see the documents for ratification if you have any questions please ask. Please note that the secretary reclassifications are based on the Secretary Review Committees recommendation based on last year’s negotiations.

4 thoughts on “2018 Ratification”

  1. It is very disheartening that year after year the paras just get the across the board bump. Our wages need to be brought up to a living wage. We are continually the lowest paid classified employees with huge responsibilities to help bring our students to grade level. We love our work but also need to make a living.

  2. After working for the school district for over 24 years, I find it extremely frustrating and insulting that as a para I have reached the maximum limit for my hourly rate and am paid LESS than many of the other beginning level classified employees. The paras work with some of the most challenging and low students and yet we are not even close to being compensated for the amount of work and responsibilty that we are given. Every time there is a pay raise in the district, it goes to everyone and never once are paras looked at as an individual group and recognized monitarily for what we do.

  3. As a group we are the lowest paid, why is this?
    Paraprofessionals have daily contact with some of our most at risk students. We have the been given the huge responsibility of these students making gains and making grade level.
    We as a group are required to have two years of college or a Paraprofessional certificate, and also complete the Core Competency Courses with in our first year. Our district prides itself on our group as a whole being highly qualified. Why is it our pay does not reflect our districts pride in us.

  4. As a para we’ve been told how valued we are. However we’ve never been shown that in actual dollars. We are still one of the lowest paid classified positions. How is this right?

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